February 2, 2021
February 2, 2021

Top 10 Facts about Hides

HIDES' SHOW AND TELL: 10 Facts You May or May Not Know

The old saying “if these walls could talk”, is certainly apt when it comes to discussing the rich history of this unique property. With a lifespan encroaching three centuries, it’s no surprise that Hides Hotel has a story or two to tell.  

Despite there being so many fun facts to choose from, we’ve managed to strip it down to 10 that we consider to be the most interesting facts about this historic landmark hotel.

1.     The History of Hides Hotel dates back to 1885. Sure, she’s had a couple of facelifts over the years, but still looking great for 134 nonetheless.

2.     Cairns Chamber of Commerce held their first ever meeting at Hides on May 13th 1886.

3.     In the late 1800’s, Hides was considered the go-to venue for the social elite. Complete with pukkah fans, billiard tables and garden parties, Hides was quite the place to be.

4.     Hides is home to the first elevator built in Cairns. Affectionately known as “Elizabeth” (after Elizabeth Hides, wife of one of the original owners and the third licensee of the property) the elevator is still operational to this day.

5.     American Five-Star General MacArthur frequented the Hides Hotel during World War 2, when he would travel from his Brisbane office in the 1940s.  So much so, that the room on the top corner is still known as the MacArther Suite.

6.    Hides Receptionist, Petrina Ferrari was crowned the winner of the first Sunday Mail Sun Girl quest in 1954. Held at Palm Cove, the event attracted 10,000 spectators.

7.     Considered a historic landmark building in the region, Hides Hotel was officially added to the Queensland Heritage Register in October 1992.

8.     Over its 134 year history, Hides has grown from a 20 room property to a hotel offering over 100 rooms, ranging from budget accommodation options to newly renovated premium rooms.

9.     Hides grand wraparound balcony is available to all guests of Hides to enjoy breakfast or simply relax while taking in the view and brilliant Tropical North Queensland weather.

And most importantly of all…

10.  Hides is the only hotel in Cairns that offers an unbeatable location and value pricing in a building that’s played a pivotal part in the region’s history.